X-Rays – Plain Radiography

Plains X-rays send a small dose of x-rays through a region of the body to help assess for broken bones, pneumonia and a variety of other medical conditions. All imaging is reported immediately by a Consultant Radiologist and any urgent or unexpected findings will be telephoned and faxed to you referring doctor.

Insurance cover: The insurance companies generally do not cover plain X-rays. The expenses can be claimed back depending on your insurance policy at the end of the year.

Direct payment: The price for an X-ray depends on the area of the body that needs to be scanned and prices start from 70 euro .  A member of staff will give the exact cost when we have reviewed your doctor's referral.

Appointments: Most X-ray appointments can be facilitated within 1-2 days of referral. Urgent requests can be performed on the same day. A referral letter from your doctor is required when the scan is booked.