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St. James’s Private Radiology
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Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm 


X-rays - Plain Radiography



Information for Doctors

A complete range of plain films is available including chest x-rays and extremity imaging. A ‘hot reporting’ service is available for suspected trauma where X-rays are immediately reported by a Consultant Radiologist and patients can be directly referred to the emergency department. All imaging can be given to a patient on disc for further referral.

Information for Patients

A Plain X-ray is an image produced by passing a small dose of x-rays through a region of the body. The image generated is viewed on a computer screen and a report is sent to your doctor. Plain X-rays are often used to examine the chest in patients with suspected pneumonia or to assess bones after trauma. We use modern digital equipment to keep the radiation dose as low as possible whilst achieving excellent image quality.

All imaging is reported immediately by a Consultant Radiologist and any urgent or unexpected findings will be telephoned and faxed to you referring doctor.


A walk in service is available most days (Monday to Friday) from 9 until 4.30 with a referral letter from your doctor. We advise patients to ring in advance of attending (01 - 4162817).  No patient preparation is required.


Barium / Fluoroscopy Studies


Information for Doctors 

A full range of barium studies is provided including upper and lower GI investigations, Defecating proctograms and hystersalpingograms.

Information for Patients

A barium study involves administration of a liquid contrast (barium) to help assess a patient’s gastrointestinal tract with X-rays. Upper GI (oesoghagus, stomach, small bowel) studies involve drinking a small amount of barium contrast followed by X-rays of the area of interest. A lower GI (rectum, colon) requires contrast to be inserted by a tube into the colon and X-rays are then performed.


Most studies can be scheduled within a few days of request. Some studies require patient preparation and our secretaries will detail this further. A referral letter from your doctor is required at the time of the appointment. To make an appointment please see our contact section.