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Women's Imaging


Information for Doctors

Our Radiologists, Radiographers, Nurses and support staff have extensive specialist experience in Women’s Imaging including investigation of infertility, menorrhagia, pelvic pain and breast lumps. We also provide the imaging and consultation service for Ireland’s largest Gynaecology-Oncology centre in St James’s Hospital.  State of the art imaging including 3T MRI and 3D ultrasound is used to provide the best quality imaging available in Ireland.

Information for Patients 

The Women's Imaging Group in St James's Hospital is dedicated to meeting the specific diagnostic needs of women throughout their lives.  We provide an extensive breast and gynaecological imaging service which are all performed and reported by Consultant Radiologists with a specialist interest in women's imaging.  A complete range of fertility imaging is available including HyCosy, 3D Transvaginal ultrasound and follicular tracking. Most women's imaging and intervention require no patient preparation however some tests require coordination with your menstrual cycle.


Most appointments will be scheduled on the same week as your referral. . A referral letter from your doctor is required at the time of the scan unless otherwise instructed. To make an appointment please see our contact section.

Specialist Women's Imaging in St James’s


Transvaginal ultrasound (2D and 3D)

Transvaginal ultrasound gives optimal imaging of the uterus and ovaries.  It requires a small probe to be inserted into the lower vagina and images of the uterus and ovaries are then acquired.  It can be used to assess of uterine anomalies, pelvic pain, polycystic ovaries and infertility. 3D Transvaginal US is also used for investigation of uterine polyps, fibroids and localisation of IUCDs. 

Follicular Tracking

This is performed as part of a trans-vaginal pelvic ultrasound to assess the size and number of ovarian follicles. It is important to time this examination with your last menstrual period (LMP), please have this date to hand when booking this study.


A HyCosy test is carried during the work up of a patient with infertility to assess if the fallopian tubes are blocked.  The doctor who performs the test will initially complete a detailed transvaginal ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries. They will then place a very small tube into the cervix with a speculum and inject a small volume of fluid into uterus to assess if the fallopian tubes are blocked.  Further details of the test are available from our office.


This is similar to a HyCosy test however x-rays are used to assess if the fallopian tubes are patent.  We have largely replaced this test with HyCosy.

High Resolution Pelvic MRI

We have with specific protocols tailored for uterine and ovarian imaging.  The imaging has also been optimised to assess for pelvic endometriosis.  Dynamic Pelvic Floor MRI is performed to evaluate for pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence.