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St. James’s Private Radiology
James's St, Dublin 8

T: (01) 416 2703 / (01) 428 4950
F: (01) 473 0425 / (01) 416 2357


Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm 


Price List

Prices for various medical test are listed below and are based on GP referrals.  GMS discounts are available on all our imaging tests. A complete price list is available from our office staff.  

 Imaging Test 

 Price from

 MRI (Standard)

 MRI (+ Contrast)

 225 euro

 300 euro

 US Steroid guided injection (single)

 150 euro

 Ultrasound Abdomen or Pelvis

 140 euro

 US Transvaginal

 160 euro

 CT Brain

 200 euro

 CT Abdomen & Pelvis (non contrast)

 CT Abdomen & Pelvis (contrast)

 250 euro

 270 euro

 General X-ray

 70 euro

 Mammogram (Bilateral)

 170 euro

 Bone scan

 250 euro

 Dexa Scan

 90 euro


Consultant referrals for imaging may be more complex and result in slighter higher prices than our GP rates but please contact our staff to discuss further.

Private Medical Insurance

Many of the imaging tests done in St James's Private Radiology are covered by private medical insurance.  We have direct billing arrangements with VHI Healthcare, LAYA, AVIVA, GLO, St Pauls / Garda Medical, ESB and Guinness Medical.  Please check with our staff to see if you are covered.