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Nuclear Medicine


Information for Doctors

St James’s has the biggest nuclear medicine department in Ireland and offers a complete range of nuclear medicine examinations. Dr Niall Sheehy runs the department and all examinations are reported by Consultant Radiologists with specialist training in Nuclear Medicine.

Information for Patients

Nuclear medicine is a test that involves injection or ingestion of a small amount of a radiopharmaceutical (radioactive substance) into the body. The radiopharmaceutical is attracted to a particular organ and a small amount of energy or radiation is emitted and detected outside the body by special ‘cameras’. Nuclear medicine doctors can evaluate and diagnose a large number of diseases based on the interactions of the radiopharmaceuticals within the body.


Most nuclear medicine appointments can be facilitated within the same week of referral. A referral letter from your doctor is required at the time of booking. To make an appointment please see our contact section.

Types of Nuclear Medicine Tests

 A wide variety of Nuclear Medicine examinations are performed including Bone Scan (SPECT-CT), Cardiac perfusions scans, Brain scans and Ventilation-Perfusion scans. A full range of studies and appropriate patient preparation is available from our office.