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St. James’s Private Radiology
James's St, Dublin 8

T: (01) 416 2703 / (01) 428 4950
F: (01) 473 0425 / (01) 416 2357


Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm 


Doctor Information



Patient Referrals

We accept referrals from all registered health professional depending on the type of imaging study required.  A referral letter is required to book an imaging study which can be faxed or emailed to our office or brought by the patient on the day of the appointment.  If you would like any advice on the most suitable imaging test, please contact our office and we can discuss further. We are very happy to discuss any scan results with you and advise on suitable follow up or addtional imaging required. 



Private Medical Insurance

Many of the imaging tests done in St James's Private Radiology are directly covered by private medical insurance.  We have direct billing arrangements with VHI Healthcare, LAYA, AVIVA, GLO, St Pauls / Garda Medical, ESB and Guinness Medical.  All imaging done on the same day as a day case procedure is directly covered.  We also have direct cover for MRI and PET-CT with all medical providers for patients with a cancer diagnosis.  Direct CT cover is also available with all providers for cancer imaging except VHI. Please contact our office to get further advice on whether your patient will be covered for direct payment.  All outpatient imaging that is not directly covered can be reclaimed with the insurance providers depending on the policy details.